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NetEase Joint Innovation Center settled in Shijiazhuang High-tech Zone to help local industry development

author: TIME:2018/9/20

         July 31, 2018, Shijiazhuang NetEase Joint Innovation Center signing ceremony was held in Hangzhou. The joint innovation center of NetEase in Shijiazhuang is a service platform for scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship created jointly by the management committee of Shijiazhuang Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, NetEase and Hebei Fangda Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Online education and other areas of the advantages of resources, explore and service Shijiazhuang innovative projects and enterprises, and promote the traditional enterprises of the Internet transformation and upgrading.

         As a strategic signatory to this cooperation, Hebei Fangda Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to integrating superior innovation resources and building a sound service system for scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship incubation since its establishment. It provides a first-class innovation and entrepreneurial environment for the new industries of scientific and technological enterprises, a bridge and a link for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and a platform and development space for all kinds of talents.

         The successful landing of the joint innovation center of NetEase in Shijiazhuang is another important achievement of Fangda Company (Fangda Science and Technology Park) in integrating superior resources, and it is also an important carrier for accelerating the gathering of high-end elements such as capital, projects, technology, talents, and so on.

Cloud Computing, big data and other Internet Technologies enable Local Industry

         The Nineteenth National Congress report pointed out that "innovation is the first driving force leading development and the strategic support for building a modern economic system." In order to better promote the agglomeration and development of Internet-related industries in Shijiazhuang Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, all parties will take NetEaseundefineds Joint Innovation Center as the carrier, through new Internet technologies, products, and personnel training, etc. Promote the combination of the Internet and local industries, promote the regionundefineds enterprises to innovate and develop.

         "the Shijiazhuang NetEase Joint Innovation Center focuses on technological experiences such as the Internet, cloud computing, big data and online education, supports innovative start-ups and helps local start-ups or traditional enterprises upgrade their Internet technology. In the future, NetEaseundefineds joint innovation center will work hand in hand with domestic and foreign entrepreneurs, investors, governments, enterprises, colleges and universities to cultivate new business patterns, develop new models, promote the continuous transformation of new and old kinetic energy, and form a practical carrier for innovation-driven development. Create three demonstration heights-innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration highlands, Internet innovation transformation and development demonstration highlands, regional innovative entrepreneurship strategic highlands. " NetEase vice president, executive director of Hangzhou Research Institute Wang Yuan said.

Accelerating Regional Economic Innovation by "13N" Mode

         Meng Fanming, general manager of NetEaseundefineds Joint Innovation Center, said: "NetEase Joint Innovation Center can deeply integrate the industrial policies of the high-tech zone and even Shijiazhuang, and enable the system of" one carrier, three centers N "by landing on the ground. To help promote the deep integration and development of new technologies, new models, new concepts and various fields of economy and society in Shijiazhuang City and Hi-tech Development Zone. "one carrier" is a collection of NetEaseundefineds R & D and operation. Product in one innovation entrepreneurship support platform (NetEase joint innovation center); "three centers" that is, three platforms, offline industry service space, online innovation service platform, industrial Internet platform; "N" for N enabling, NetEaseundefineds joint innovation center integrates the advantages of NetEase itself and its ecological partners in cutting-edge technology, online education, content industry, news media, capital, and so on, to provide technological empowerment, talent empowerment, and market empowerment for resident enterprises. Capital empowerment and ecological resources. "

          The Shijiazhuang NetEase Joint Innovation Center will provide online course training and senior tutoring to local innovation enterprises by introducing online education, consumption upgrading, entertainment media, and so on. Enterprise competition and corporate financing docking and other diversified value-added support services, and through cloud training, financing roadshow, market enabling training and other activities to create a good atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship, attract Internet talent and corporate gathering.

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