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On May 1st three measures to deepen the VAT reform to reduce the burden on enterprises

author: TIME:2018/4/17

      The executive meeting of the state council, held on March 28, confirmed measures to deepen VAT reform and further reduce the tax burden on market subjects.

        The meeting pointed out that the total tax deduction for the tax reduction over the past five years has been 2.1 trillion yuan. In accordance with the deployment of the CPC central committee and the state council, in order to further perfect the tax system, support the development of the real economy such as manufacturing, small micro enterprise, continue to the market main body and burden, the meeting decided that from May 1, 2018, is a manufacturing industry such as value-added tax rate from 17% to 17%, the transportation, construction, basic telecommunications services industry and agricultural goods such as value-added tax rate from 11% to 11%, is expected to tax year 240 billion yuan. Second, the unified VAT small-scale taxpayer standard. To industrial and commercial enterprise standard by small-scale taxpayers with annual sales of 500000 yuan and 800000 yuan to 5 million yuan, and registered within a certain period of time allowed for the general taxpayer enterprises turn registration for small-scale taxpayers, let more enterprises enjoy preferential according to lower the tax levy rates. Third, the enterprise and power grid enterprises that meet the requirements of modern service industries such as equipment manufacturing, r&d and other modern service industries will be refunded in a single time. Implementing the above three measures will reduce the tax burden of the market subject to more than 400 billion yuan throughout the year, and the domestic and foreign enterprises will benefit equally.
    This year‘s government work report explicitly proposes to further reduce corporate tax burden. We will reform and improve the VAT system, adjust the tax rate in accordance with the three levels and in two directions, and focus on reducing the tax rate of manufacturing, transportation and other industries and raising the annual sales standard for small-scale taxpayers. A large expansion of the small and micro businesses that enjoy half the income tax benefits. We will substantially increase the pre-tax deductibility of new equipment. We will implement a comprehensive tax credit for overseas earnings. We will expand tax incentives for warehousing land for logistics enterprises. We will continue to implement preferential policies on land value added tax and deed tax. We will provide more than 800 billion yuan in tax cuts for enterprises and individuals throughout the year, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the real economy, so as to stimulate market vitality and social creativity.
This is the concrete measure to implement the government work report. The personage inside course of study thinks, after the national annual one trillion yuan during the "package" begin to enter intensive policy landing phase, taxes and fees, electricity, comprehensive, a number of logistics cost reduction initiatives will travel light, make the enterprise development.

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