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4-12 2018

Some measures for the implementation of the modern industrial talent gathering project

A few days ago, the office of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the munic......
4-3 2018

Shijiazhuang city patent rights protection fund implementation rules

Each county (city, district) science and technology bureau and the relevant units: Accordin......
4-2 2018

Notice of the national intellectual property model city work plan in 2018

National intellectual property demonstration city intellectual property office: For the ......
3-30 2018

The three-year action plan for science and technology innovation in hebei  (2018-2020)

To implement the spirit of the nineteen Party of socialist thought and China characteristics of......
3-30 2018

The implementation plan of several measures to accelerate technological innovation in xingtai city

Recently, the Xingtai municipal government issued the "measures of promoting scientific and t......
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