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China's small and micro businesses will receive up to 3 loans

author: TIME:2018/4/13

        On April 2nd, the ministry of finance issued "about further do a good job of business loan guarantees fiscal interest discount notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), in addition to the original provisions of entrepreneurial secured loan object, rural self-employed farmers into the support scope, will adjust small micro enterprise loan object range, small micro enterprises in our country will be a maximum of three times discount loans. In the industry‘s  view, the New Deal will help companies get loan financing at lower cost to help them get through the early stages of growth.

        Specific, clear, the "notice" to the new recruits meet venture guarantee loan application conditions of the number of people reached the enterprise existing on-the-job worker number 25% (more than 100 enterprises of 15%), 1 years of labor contracts signed with small micro enterprise, fiscal interest discount available on entrepreneurship guaranteed loans. For small and micro businesses that have already enjoyed the financial sector discount support, they can provide guarantee form support through the venture guarantee loan guarantee fund. And for the repayment of the positive, the employment ability, the entrepreneurial project good loan individuals and small and micro businesses, can continue to provide the entrepreneurial guarantee loan discount, but the cumulative number of no more than 3.

        Zhongguancun science and technology entrepreneurs association Zhu Xiduo told reporters that "notice" for the entrepreneurial enterprise is a good opportunity, in the phase of the small and medium-sized enterprise investment is more, facing the high risk. The state USES the discount rate to absorb the input cost of the startup enterprise, which can better enable these enterprises to obtain loan financing with lower cost, which is crucial for the growth stage of entrepreneurial enterprises.

         The national bureau of statistics has said publicly that small and medium-sized enterprises are an important part of China‘s economy, and that they provide jobs and taxes in a large part of the economy. According to the data, 16, 000 new enterprises were registered in China every day last year, among which the small and medium enterprises accounted for more than 90% of the "micro" enterprises. "Small and medium enterprises in developing exists, the difficulty of financing, in the past year or two, according to the requirements of the party central committee and the state council, China‘s big Banks are established, pratt & Whitney‘s finance is to support the micro, small and medium enterprises," three rural ", such as financing needs, product quantity increased, the production and business operation improvement." "He said.

         Industry experts pointed out that the characteristics of small and micro enterprises, the credit policies of commercial Banks and the imperfect state support policies have caused the problems of loans and high loan costs for small and micro enterprises in China. We have learned, our country small micro enterprise general for family enterprise or individual industrial and commercial households, less likely to establish a standardized modern enterprise management system and perfect corporate governance structure, prepare financial statements on the part of the small micro enterprise, the Banks make it difficult to grasp the real operating conditions of small micro enterprise, create some obstacles and difficulties to its financing. However, from the perspective of cost benefit, small and micro enterprise loans are the same as big business loans, which are also subject to data collection and pre-loan investigation. This makes state-owned Banks and joint-stock commercial Banks more willing to put their main funds on big clients.

           "Company founded stage really need financial support, but go to the bank need a mortgage, loan to the bank so hasn‘t been thought of before, the business loan guarantees fiscal interest discount to those of us who are enterprise effectively solved the company start-up period loan difficult financing difficult problem." Small and micro enterprises representative of the network general manager liu siyu told reporters.

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