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To solve the problem of "financing difficult and financing expensive" of small and micro enterprises should be started from four aspects

author: TIME:2018/4/13

        In order to effectively solve the problem of "financing difficult and financing expensive", many local departments and departments have launched a series of new measures to serve small and micro businesses. For example, the China copyright protection center coordinated Banks, guarantees, credit rating and other financial institutions, and opened the channels for small and micro businesses of cultural science and technology to obtain financing through copyright.

        To solve the problem of "financing difficult and financing expensive" for small and micro businesses, we should start from the four aspects of enhancing pragmatic, innovative, pertinence and coordination.
        First of all, the credit system should be improved to solve the "financing difficulty" through credit enhancement. One is through the government guidance, improve credit and guarantee, and guarantee system construction, the development of the third party credit, credit rating agencies, reduce Banks and other financial institutions for small micro enterprise credit information costs. Second is to promote the construction of guarantee and risk compensation system, to continue through the development of small and medium-sized enterprises to support small and medium-sized enterprise financing guarantee compensation, compensatory in loan risk compensation, to reduce the risk of financial institutions to small micro enterprise loans. Third, we will improve the multi-level capital market and encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to raise financing channels through multi-tiered capital markets such as gem board, "new third board" and regional equity trading market.
         Secondly, we should focus on market forces, and solve the "financing cost". For example, Banks are encouraged to set up specialized agencies to serve small and micro businesses, to "tailor" financing products for small and micro businesses, and reduce the financing costs of enterprises; The development of "park loan" and "collection loan" will combine the small and micro businesses with good operating conditions and strong growth ability to collect debt and raise the financing efficiency.
          In addition, we should improve the financing capacity of small and micro businesses with the idea of "service + financing". This mainly includes the establishment of small and micro-sized enterprises working groups across the hierarchy and across departments to form a working system of central local linkage and inter-departmental coordination. Construction of the small and medium-sized enterprise information service platform, integration of government, venture capital, market service and so on resources, realize effective docking, requirements and resources to build support for small micro enterprise growth of service network, etc.


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