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Hebei: focus on four key areas to create an updated version of information consumption

author: TIME:2018/4/13

      By 2020, the information consumption market in the province will grow by more than 25 percent annually, and e-commerce transactions will reach 4 trillion yuan.Improving the supply capacity of new information products, improving the supply quality of information consumption services, expanding the coverage of information consumption, optimizing the information consumption environment, and accelerating market vitality... Hebei provincial government recently issued the information about further expand and upgrade consumption continues to release the potential demand of the implementation of the plan is put forward to build information consumption upgrade, to develop high-end consumption, improve the quality of supply of consumption, the good life is to meet people’s increasing needs.

       The implementation plan defines the work objective: by 2020, the information consumption market in the province will grow by more than 25% annually. Big data, Internet, cloud computing, a new generation of information technology such as artificial intelligence will markedly enhance its leading role in the field of consumption, new information products supply capacity improved significantly, information consumption obviously improve the quality of service, the industry reached 500 billion yuan in related field.

      Will be built by 2020, hebei province, mobile, security, in a new generation of information infrastructure, the formation of interconnected, human-computer interaction, the integration of heaven and earth all things in cyberspace, Internet speed JiangFei produced significant results, and China’s 4 g network covering 100% of urban and rural. The rapid development of rural e-commerce, industrial e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce has reached 4 trillion yuan in e-commerce transactions. New consumption fast growth based on network platform, online and offline (O2O) collaborative interactive new consumption ecological development, efficient, safe and reliable, fair and orderly basic form of information consumption environment, information consumption benefit the people.

      Focusing on four key areas, hebei province will continuously improve the supply quality and supply level of information consumption service.
       Life information consumption. Innovations to meet the demand of people’s life of all kinds of new formats for the convenience of huimin service, focus on developing community life oriented online (OTO) integration services, cultural entertainment oriented digital creative content and services, transportation travel service for convenient travel.
       Public service information consumption. Promotion of efficiency and equality of online public services, focusing on the wisdom of the home care health services and the convenient for medical treatment of medical services, online learning training oriented online education, geared to the needs of the enterprise for the convenience of "Internet + e-government service".
      Industry information consumption. Cultivate support industry informatization of emerging information technology services, focus on developing e-commerce platform in the field of vertically oriented service, oriented to the whole process of network information consumption pay, modern logistics and supply chain management support services, such as the information technology application system for the comprehensive integration services.
       Consumption of new information products. Intelligent upgrade, high-end and integration of information, products, focus on developing consumer upgrades in the high-end mobile communication terminal, wearable devices, digital home products, such as new product information, as well as virtual reality, augmented reality, intelligent snatched frontier information products such as cars, intelligent service robot.
       The implementation plan proposes five main tasks around work objectives and key areas.
 Ability to promote new products supply information, implementation of the new display industry innovation development engineering, communication, and satellite navigation, big data industry innovation and development engineering, intelligent electronic product upgrade project, a new generation of industrial engineering of artificial intelligence.
          Improve the quality of information consumption service supply, the implementation of information technology services, engineering, improve the capacity of Internet +" government services support engineering, digital creative content and services development engineering, online education development project, wisdom, health endowment, industrial Internet innovation and development, e-commerce application development engineering, etc.
           We will expand the coverage of information consumption, implement information network acceleration and upgrade projects, reduce the cost of information consumption, and upgrade the information skills of consumers.
        To implement new pilot demonstration information consumption, information consumption city pilot demonstration engineering, intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project, Internet of things of agriculture demonstration projects of regional test, for narrowband Internet of things (NB - IoT) pilot demonstration application, jing ji intelligent made cars and intelligent traffic model, the beidou navigation and location services to demonstrate the application.
         Optimize the environment of information consumption development, innovating the mode of market supervision, strengthening the protection of consumers’rights and interests, to speed up the construction of credit system, strengthening the protection of personal information and intellectual property rights, strengthen the information consumption safety.

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