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"Enter the listed enterprise" series of activities successfully

author: TIME:2018/4/2

       To build cooperation and docking platform for small and medium-sized enterprises in our province and the capital market, to help enterprises with the intent of becoming listed insight into the capital market, cultivating awareness of capital, standardize enterprise management, make the enterprise visual experience through the capital market to obtain a rapid development of real case tools, March 9, 2018, shijiazhuang equity exchanges and shijiazhuang city federation of industry and the host, pattern of business to undertake the "into the listed companies - the big science and technology park, colin electrical" learning activities at the scene.
       This activity obtained the shijiazhuang equity exchange listed company, listed company, shijiazhuang city federation of industry and commerce system within the enterprise, the law firm, accounting firm institutions such as the strong support and participation.

       JiaoLiZhi, vice President of the federation in the symposium, shijiazhuang, points out that the event is held to boost the province "double gen double suit" activities and the city "4 + 4 "modern industry development work, build cooperation and docking platform for small and medium-sized enterprises in our province and the capital market. He believes that small and medium-sized enterprises should make full use of the resources of shijiazhuang stock exchange, and hope that the enterprises present here will know more about relevant policies and provide strong guarantee for the sustainable development of enterprises.

       Shijiazhuang Hu Xianhua equity exchange vice President said "into the listed company" activity is held on the implementation of the requirements to the provincial government, in order to study and communication content, with cooperation and development, promote each other as the goal, to provide a platform of exchange experience and common development. We hope that through today exchanges, you will be able to get new ideas and new partners for development. At last, the company also gave a detailed introduction to the "convertible debt".

       Through the combination of field research and exchange symposium, this activity has promoted the exchange and cooperation between Fangda Park and listed companies and financial institutions, and achieved the desired results.


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