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The three-year action plan for science and technology innovation in hebei  (2018-2020)

author: TIME:2018/3/30

     To implement the spirit of the nineteen Party of socialist thought and China characteristics of the new era of Xi Jinping, in-depth implementation of innovation driven development strategy, highlighting innovation competition, accelerate the comprehensive innovation, innovation in science and technology as the core of the recently, the provincial government officially issued the "action plan for Hebei Province Science and technology innovation in three years (2018-2020 years) (hereinafter referred to as" "action plan").
     "Action plan" positioning for the next three years, is the provinces economic and social development history of the window period and the strategic opportunity period, is facing "The Belt and Road" construction, the coordinated development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei, xiongan district planning and construction, the Beijing Olympics organizing an unprecedented opportunity, also facing the transformation of development mode, optimize the economic structure to convert the growth momentum and other challenges, to achieve a quality sustainable development benefits, the urgent need in accordance with the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping on a series of important expositions and innovation of science and technology of Hebei work, regard innovation as a strategic support to lead the development of the first power and the modernization of the economic system, for the comprehensive well-off society with innovation power.
     "Action plan" on the implementation of the provincial nine session of the five plenary session, six, "NPC and CPPCC" on the high quality of innovation and development, innovation and competition, accelerate the construction of new Hebei, in "speeding up some measures on the basis of" scientific and technological innovation, proposed the next three years the province is science and technology innovation, the main direction of the new general idea and the key task, the formation of a new era of Hebei science and technology innovation top-level design, will guide the province in the grand strategy, pattern innovation to accelerate the construction of ecological system, efforts to crack the innovation ability, innovation, innovative talents, not lack of innovation environment is not excellent bottleneck as soon as possible go on the road of innovation driven development.
      The main body of the action plan is divided into three parts: the general idea and the action goal, the main task and the safeguard measure. The general idea and action target, put forward to the construction of a new era of innovative Hebei as the main direction to promote structural reform as a major side traction supply, to promote scientific and technological innovation, system innovation "double wheel drive" is the basic path, around the "double double" activities, the focus of economic and social needs, to break through the obstacles of system and mechanism Hebei to enhance the innovation ability and level, the construction of integrated innovation eco system, the general idea to focus on promoting innovation and development, green development, high quality development and more than 20 major indicators. The main task, from technological innovation capability, accelerate industrial technological innovation, fostering innovation body, promote the Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative innovation, efforts to promote regional innovation, strengthen creative talent support, get rid of institutional barriers and optimize the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship and put forward 35 specific tasks and measures eight aspects. In the part of safeguard measures, we have made clear the promotion mechanism and implementation measures from six aspects, including strengthening organizational leadership, increasing investment in science and technology, strengthening policy implementation, carrying out monitoring and evaluation, highlighting coordination and coordination and focusing on innovative assessment.
     The plan of action has 3 annexes, namely, the division of main tasks and responsibilities, the key tasks and tasks of every city, and the monitoring plan of key tasks. The aim is to create key tasks, plan major projects, build innovation platforms, refine reform measures and promote two-way precision work chain by building key task division system, guiding various departments and departments to formulate supporting programs. Through the establishment of the target task decomposition system, we should decompose the key tasks and objectives of every city and stage, clarify the division of responsibilities, carry out the pressure at all levels, and supervise the implementation of the landing. By setting up the innovation index system of monitoring, comparison and comprehensive analysis of judgments, strengthen Municipal Science and technology innovation the key tasks to complete, fully reflect the status of technological innovation of the province, the completion of key tasks of objective monitoring work of science and technology, for the formulation and implementation of various scientific and technological innovation, policy and plan the planning scientific organizations provide important support.

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