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The implementation plan of several measures to accelerate technological innovation in xingtai city

author: TIME:2018/3/30

       Recently, the Xingtai municipal government issued the "measures of promoting scientific and technological innovation plan", around the goals and tasks of innovative construction of Xingtai, focus on the current work of Xingtai science and technology innovation and the short board, a clear focus on technological innovation initiatives recently put forward a clear annual index, it is important to guide the city is current file science and technology innovation, is to implement the provincial and municipal "an important measure of double double clothing" will mobilize the spirit of.
       The full implementation of the provincial government plan "to accelerate the innovation of science and technology measures" the spirit of the document, put forward specific policy measures to support innovation and Entrepreneurship: the full implementation of preferential tax policies for high-tech enterprises, the municipal public finance of science and technology of county finance, province, District of new high-tech enterprises that set, each given 100 thousand yuan subsidy financial support to encourage the county (city, district) to give financial subsidies for high-tech enterprises designated by the Municipal Science and technology; funds for high-tech enterprises effective cultivation of services, giving each no more than 300 thousand yuan reward; above the level of financial technology funds to finance non Province Governing County, district new provincial recognition technology transfer mechanism the highest, to give a one-time subsidy of 300 thousand yuan. The introduction of the program, will further mobilize the enthusiasm of the whole society, and grasp science and technology innovation, to promote the "double double" activities carried out, to achieve tangible results.

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