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About the special fund subsidy program for 2018

author: TIME:2018/3/30

Local enterprises:

       To implement the Shijiazhuang hi tech Zone "issued by the Shijiazhuang high tech Zone to support enterprises bigger and stronger some policy notice" (stone executive word [2018]2), combined with the practice in our district is to carry out subsidy project in 2018 District special funds to declare the work of filing, see annex.
       Please comply with the reporting requirements of the enterprise, combined with their own actual, preparing the declaration, and in May 8, 2018 the Economic Development Bureau, the material submitted to the District Finance Bureau, expired will no longer accept.


Material submission address:
District economic development bureau: room 316, south hospital of the administrative committee.
District finance bureau: room 417, south courtyard of the administrative committee.
Contact person and contact number:
District economic development bureau: zhao jianbin 85095526 cheng jiapeng 85095010.
District finance bureau: lv weifeng 85095606 wang hui 85095021.


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